Founding Fathers


Hut Brown (Deceased)
Mike Strack * (Deceased)


Vickie Childers
Myrl Coultas *
Mel Fitzhenry
Ralph Hay
David Manske
Cindy Reed-Wilkins
Preston Shaw *
Guy Smith *
Jim Stateczny *
Harvey West

The Apple Dumplin' Gang

Regular Members

Garnier Albus
Larry Burruss
John Caffey
Alan Dean
Ken Large


Darrell Baxter
Tim Collier
Jim Ezell
Ted Fichtl
Roger Foltz
Mary Ellen Gillen
John Goforth
Don Hoy
Keith Longabaugh
Janice Miller
Renee Moore
Preston Nickle
Bill Pierson
Randy Pittman
Dana Plocheck
Rick Powell
Ken Rodd
Robert Schrade
Doug "Bucky" Seelig
Glenda Vrba
Dorathy Williams
Jenny Windsor
Special Note

An "*" to the right of a member's name indicates that this member is one of the Original Founding Fathers.
A Haven for Retired CASI Directors
Established October 30, 2008 at Rancho CASI de los Chisos

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