Jim Stateczny's Chili Tally Program

  Chili Tally Program - Version 3.2 - Download
  Chili Tally Instruction Manual - Download
The original version of this program was written by Jim Stateczny, in 1992, to be used at chili cookoffs.
At that time, cookoffs sanctioned by the Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc.

Last modified in 2008, yielding version 3.2, which is the version current being used today.
Today the program is used all over the world, not only for chili cookoffs, but Bar-BQ cookoffs as well.
This program is available to all that might want to use it, at absolutely no charge.

Originally Created by Hill Country Software and Support, Inc.
A Jim and Shirley Stateczny owned corporation, which we sold effective December 1st, 2016


A Jim Stateczny Production