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Brewster County Clerk - Official Records
Don Hoy
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Annual Championship
Associated Organizations
     Apple Dumplin' Gang
     Chili Hall of Flame
     Krazy Flats Saloon
     Rancho CASI de los Chisos Old 320
CASI Charities and South Brewster County
     Terlingua Area School District
     Terlingua Scholarships
Chili - State Dish of Texas - May 11, 1977
Chili Cooking History - 1992 thru 2016
     Access via Cookoff Date
     Access via Name of a chili cook
Domain Names Associated with CASI
Mission Statement
Monthly Newspaper - Terlingua Trails
Remembering CASI's Colorful Evolution
     Articles from CASI Members
          History of Chili Cookoffs - 5 Part Series - John Raven
          Terlingua Trails History - Past Editor - Myrl Coultas
          Terlingua Trails History - Past Editor - Doug 'Buckty' Seelig
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Dean, Alan
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Duffield, Irene
     Articles from CASI Members - (Continued)
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Gonzales, Louis
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Johnson, Dixie and Junior
          Terlingua Trails Writer - King, Ray
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Rodd, Ken
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Shands, Donn
          Terlingua Trails Writer - Williams, Tom
     Articles from the Web
     Friends Not To Be Forgotten
     CASI Pod's History
     Photo Albums from CASI Members
     Interesting Videos
Special Awards and Honors
     Chilihead of the Year
     Great Pepper of the Year
     Lifetime Achievement Award
     Navy of the Republic of Texas - Governor's Award - Admiral
     Navy of the Republic of Texas - Governor's Award - Yellow Rose
     New School Named After Longtime Educator - Hut Brown
     Pioneer Award
     Pod of the Year
     President's Award
     The Olympic Torch through Austin

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